We had a fabulous afternoon enjoying one of the kid’s Christmas presents – Cirque Du Soleil Dralion!  It was a great reminder of how magnificent the human body is.
Cirque Du Soleil

It is a gift to be able to move the way we do.  Treat your body with love.

Nurture it.  Cherish it.  Appreciate it.

The first step to changing anything is to accept and appreciate what is.  You may not be able to swing from ribbons in the rafters or bounce up the wall on the trampoline, but I assure you the body you were given is beautiful, magnificent, and something to be grateful for.

If you can’t appreciate the way it looks right now simply appreciate that it can move you throughout your day.  We tend to treat the things we love the most with the greatest care and attention.  Hmmm…

With love and gratitude,




Your magnificent body
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