As many of you know I have been recovering this week from some very minor surgery.  Everything went well, but as many friends, family, and health professionals have reminded me these things take time to heal.  For a person who thrives on chaos, it is not easy for me to be in rest mode for such a long period of time.  Of course I will do what I am told and rest my body; filling my time with naps I never get to take, t.v. shows I never have time to watch, and homework I seem to squeeze in between everything else.  I am grateful for the time to do these things and for the time to rest.  Really, I am.

But, along with dedicated time for the passive “extra” things in my life, this week has also given me something rather unanticipated and that is a great deal of time to think.  For most of us quiet time to be mindful is a blessing and it is something I try to make a priority in my life, but that is not what I am talking about.  What I am finding is that with this extended rest time, my mind is succumbing to a less positive influence.  It is an endless internal chatter programmed by my ego as opposed to my true self.  So, when I went to bed last night I asked for some relief.  A trigger to reconnect me.

This morning, as I read through a series of subscription emails I had ignored over the past couple of weeks, I found one from Wild Divine Zen Journey.  In it, was a video series that brought me my answer.  The first video provides an introduction that equates the chatter in our minds to a radio station.  It reminds us that we are the owner of this station and thus in control the programming.  I recommend you follow the link and watch this first.

The second video, that I am sharing with you below, provides a perfect metaphor and image to help you return to mindfulness.  It is a way to remind yourself that your mind is yours, that you are it’s master, and that only you can decide how much time to spend with each of the guests who visit you there.  It was just what I needed and I hope it will help you if you need to unplug the radio and reconnect with yourself as the master of your mind.

Who Is The Host Of My Mind

I am now going to sit outside under the sun-filled blue sky and say “no thank-you” to a whole pile of guests!

With love and gratitude,





Who is your master?

One thought on “Who is your master?

  • 21 September, 2013 at 4:47 pm


    Thank you for the reminder that I’ am the “Master” of my thoughts… and I have a choice in how I think.



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