Over the last couple of days I have been feeling a bit disconnected.  Not from anything or anyone in particular, but rather disconnected from my usual feeling of content.  For me this is often a sign of overwhelm or stress, or it can be an indication that change is coming.  Fortunately, when I woke up Sunday morning and opened my email,  I saw an invitation from Craig Hamilton to participate in a guided meditation with people from around the world.  Once again, The Universe provided exactly what I needed when I needed it!

Shortly after reading the message I was stretched out on my favourite couch about to embark on 50 minutes of stillness. Although the windows were open in my living room and it was well past the hour for my neighbour’s kids to be  asleep, the only sounds that accompanied me were birds singing and Timber’s peaceful half asleep breathing.

Craig led us through an awareness meditation, whereby you acknowledge every feeling and thought that comes along during your meditation time without judgement, but also without engaging in them.  It was a great lesson for me because often when I try to find stillness I am bombarded with thoughts and too often I find myself trying to get rid of them rather than just accepting them and letting them pass on by.  To be honest, as a person who is constantly in motion, it was not easy to be awake yet still for 50 minutes.  Most of my meditations are 15 minutes max.  However, as the time went by it became easier to accept and release what was happening within my mind.

The most amazing part of this experience, and why I wanted to share it with you, came at the very end.  As we were brought back to our individual rooms all over the world he drew our attention to our “fundamental unity”.  Meaning that when we  find our individual places of stillness; which he describes as the space between our thoughts, and we bring ourselves to the awareness of that space, we are all collectively hanging out in the exact same place.  It is something that is hard to understand with your mind, but essentially, this means there is only one source, one energy, once pure place of being, and we all share it.  Collectively.


As he said this, one of my favourite songs by Ben Lee started playing in my head.  I sang the first verse to myself;

Woke up this morning, I suddenly realized, we’re all in this together.

and before I could go any further, Craig said;

Remember, we are all together…

Needless to say, my feeling of disconnect had all but drifted away.

Enjoy the song!

With love and thanks,



We’re All In This Together
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3 thoughts on “We’re All In This Together

  • 20 May, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    That’s a wonderful post, Mel, and a beautiful explanation of connection/connectedness. Good reminder as the long weekend ends and the work week begins.

    • 21 May, 2013 at 6:29 am

      Thank-you Christine!

  • 21 May, 2013 at 7:29 pm


    Beautiful read as always. Yes, the “space between the notes”.



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