A perfect spot for thanks giving.

Thanksgiving weekend is my favorite long weekend of the year.  I’m a lover of fall and all of the changes it represents; the trees responding to cool, short days with their show of colour, long sleeved tops and knee high boots, back to school, jeans, warm cozy spaces and long slow cooked meals.  Somehow I just feel most like my true self in this season.

What naturally flows from observing the abundance around me during this weekend is the desire to give thanks for all that I have and the moments I get to experience.  As well, I am reminded of the importance of giving and the role it plays in a fulfilled and happy life.

Neale Donald Walsch teaches that our true purpose in life is not to become a better or different person (you are already perfect), but rather to give and be the source of what we most need or want.  If it is patience and understanding you desire, give this to someone you find particularly frustrating;  if it is love or companionship you are wanting, reach out to someone who might be in short supply; and if it is to be heard by others, lend your ear to the voice of another.  Simply give away that which you most want to receive.

You may never fully see what it is I receive from sharing with you, but trust me when I say the most incredible gifts come from giving.

Below is a list of what I am most appreciative of, compiled in front of a campfire on the shores of my favorite lake.

  • Sunny days and cool, crisp nights;
  • Incredible friends who feel safe enough to lean and who are strong enough to prop;
  • My beautiful daughter, who at seven years old amazes me daily with her emotional compassion, caring and intuition;
  • A body that carries me through physical challenges I never imagined I could overcome;
  • My charming son, whose old soul and wise ideas are perfectly balanced with the playful silliness that all five year old’s deserve to experience;
  • A rich heritage that fills me with pride, joy, and amazing food;
  • Wine and amazing people to share it with;
  • A loving partner;
  • Books which enlighten and entertain;
  • My family – the immediate and extended who support and encourage;
  • This place, this moment, this breath;
  • You, for being here and sharing with me.

With love and gratitude,




Thanks with a helping of giving
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4 thoughts on “Thanks with a helping of giving

  • 9 October, 2012 at 3:39 am

    I am grateful for this post – what a wonderful way to start my day!

    We celebrated here in Maine last night, too – another chance for my little family to share what we’re grateful for as we go around the table… (“Yes, Brady, you do need to hold hands with your sister…” :-)) Friends were in my list, too – I love how you put it – “who feel safe enough to lean and strong enough to prop”… You’re in there, Melanie, and I look forward to the chance to REALLY catch up soon…

    • 10 October, 2012 at 6:04 am

      Thanks Mel – I love that you celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving and that you picked up on that statement. It was the thought that inspired the entire post! You are the perfect example of a friend who regardless of the space that divides us, is always close.


  • 10 October, 2012 at 11:15 am

    Wonderful and inspiring thoughts and words Mel. You should add Philosopher and Poet to your resume.

    I agree fall is a great time because it brings change and anticipation.

    If you compare a span of one year to a human lifespan, then I am in winter already,burrrrrrrr. You on the other hand are in summer, in anticipation of fall, your favourite time.

    Love Dad

    • 10 October, 2012 at 10:05 pm

      Well Dad…you tested my tear ducts on this one. I guess I know where the poet in me comes from! You and mom have both been instrumental in teaching me to fully appreciate each season and demonstrating that although they all present us with challenges to grow from, they can all bring tremendous joy if our hearts and minds are open to it. I believe your positive way of approaching everything that has tested you has made me realize that I truly can do anything. Thank-you for showing me that. I know winter might be the harshest season to face, but you have lots of cozy warm coats near you for the journey and I for one am honored and grateful to be by your side!
      All my love,


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