I love Serena Ryder’s music.  In fact most of my family does.  This is especially true of my daughter who, thanks to a very special friend, got the opportunity to go back stage and meet Serena before her show this summer.  It was definitely a night to be grateful for.  Witnessing the pure excitement and energy in someone you love when they get to experience a moment that is special, unique and memorable.  I know she will never forget it and neither will I.

One of the reasons I appreciate Serena’s songs is that she tells amazing stories.  They are sometimes sad, sometimes dark, and often uplifting.  If you appreciate beautiful, meaningful lyrics and amazing music you should definitely check her out.  She is a talented, courageous and gracious young woman.

But before you do that, listen to Serena’s latest single, STOMPA.  Not only does it have an incredible beat and catchy chorus, but the message in this song is one to remember.

Within each of us is a spark.  It has always been there and it always will be.  Our purpose is to never forget that.

“Stompa your feet!”

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Serena Ryder's new single STOMPA

Saturday Night “Stompa”
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