Melanie Linked In ProfileFor as long as I can remember I have loved running.  It has been a source of exercise, stress relief and many life long friendships. Before my kids were born I had a great group of running friends and I was consistently joining them two to three times per week to run. It kept me accountable and as a result I successfully ran my first 10 km race (The Vancouver Sun Run) as well as my first half marathon a few years later.

“Life” Got In The Way

But like so many of you after my kids were born, “life” started to get in the way and I had a difficult time making a commitment to my running and overall health.  On top of that, I suffered from post-postpartum depression and it kept me close to home and not interested in interacting with a lot of people.  At one point I actually didn’t exercise for 2 years straight.  And let me tell you, it showed!  I put on about 20 pounds of extra weight and was generally feeling pretty lousy and unhealthy.  I kept trying different diets and it seemed like all I did was put a little more on each time.

A Miracle Diet?

Eventually I found a way of eating that was focused on eliminating complex carbohydrates and eating a lot of lean protein and it worked well for me…  I lost my extra weight and started to pick up my running again.  I was able to keep the weight off for a couple of years and  stayed connected to my running by signing up for fun races with my girlfriends as well as encouraging them to set and achieve their own running goals.  I felt like I was back!

In Over My Head – That’s An Understatement!

However, it was at this time that this blog and my tagline were born and truthfully, “in over my head” became a gross understatement.  I was working full-time with two active young kids and had decided to start my Master’s degree in business on a part-time basis.  It was also during this time that my husband and I decided to separate and naturally my primary focus became my kids and figuring out what a “new normal” could look like for all of us.  On top of that, I trained for my first marathon and was offered an opportunity to teach at the University during the last semester of my degree.  Since this was one of the reasons I took on my MBA in the first place; I couldn’t say no!

Marathon Finish
Marathon Hug!

Don’t get me wrong, these were all choices I made and none of it was beyond my control, but with so much going on, something had to give!

Yes, you guessed it, it was my BODY!

2 Kids + Day Job + MBA + Night Job + Self = WAY In Over My Head!

Don’t get me wrong, I will be the first to say that I like having a lot on my plate and I seem to accomplish more when I have more to do.  But because I didn’t have a regular fitness routine or anyone to be accountable to, my running became very sporadic.  But like most things in my life, I just kept plowing through and I ran when I could and continued to sign up for races.  I even managed to attempt and complete my first Triathlon, but let me tell you, it wasn’t easy training.

The real trouble was, my body was no longer willing to come along for the “do nothing then train hard” ride and just weeks before my 2nd Marathon and my 40th birthday I became a badly injured runner.  And one that was getting nowhere with countless hours of massage and chiropractic care.  It was frustrating.

No amount of stretching or yoga seemed to help and with a weekly schedule that still included the equation above I certainly didn’t have time to add anything else.  I knew that as I approached the big 4-0 it was going to get harder to continue the sport I loved, but it made me sad to think that I may never run more than a few kilometers again.

Then one day, I received a gift.

Could this be my answer?


It was an invitation to participate in a Runner’s Core challenge group that was focused on strength training for runners to improve injury recovery and prevention. I had no idea how the invitation found me, but I didn’t care. I immediately signed up and started my first Beachbody program for strength and flexibility – PiYO.

I Didn’t Think I Had Time

I had never focused on building strength and muscle in the past, mostly because I did not feel I had time for it, and truthfully I did not think it would make a difference.  Afterall, I had run a marathon!   Well I was wrong.

The two elements I did not think I needed to be successful in a strength training/weight loss program were a Nutritional Shake and accountability to a group.  Oh, how I was wrong!

The Challenge Group Solution

Joining the challenge group and having the support of both my own coach and a group of dedicated people just like me was eye opening and it produced amazing results.  The best part about it was that with the nutritional support of my daily shake and the convenience of a home fitness program, I actually felt like I wasn’t giving up any of my precious time.  I started cooking more, enjoying tons of variety in my food, my energy increased, and my body changed dramatically, all within just 60 days!

Before and After PiYO Collage
Before and After 60 Day PiYO Challenge!

Stronger – Faster – Happier!

Today, I am injury free, stronger than I have ever been, running again and using my natural ability to teach and develop others to help people like you realize the same results.

As a busy working mom who already can’t fit in enough runs each week I am sure you can find a million reasons WHY NOT to join your own challenge group: time, money, space, energy, an injury, a vacation coming up, and so on.  But I know from my own experience, that as soon as you let go of WHY NOT and tap into your own WHY you will never look back.  I haven’t!


I knew I wanted to continue running, build on the success of my first triathlon, get stronger, and set the best example I could for my children.

And I want it for the rest of my life.

What Are You Waiting For?

In our Mom on the Run Fitness Challenge groups we will offer you a fitness solution that you can do from home by selecting a quality program that meets your specific needs from one of Beachbody’s proven programs.  Included will be nutritional support, accountability and bonus material that will help you manage your life more efficiently and effectively so that you  can get strong, fit and healthy while still making time for what matters the most.  Your family!

Your Family Will Thank-you!

As a working mom to two active kids with both teaching and volunteer responsibilities on the side, I understand how precious your time is.  But I also know that you can make choices that will allow you to be a healthy person (inside and out), and still have time to do all that you do.  Even if, like me, you sometimes feel like you are completely in over your head!

Visit our Mom on the Run Fitness Challenge page to find out how you can apply to join our next group!

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