It seemed over this past week that the messages I needed to hear the most arrived right when I needed to receive them.  The Universe works in such magical ways!

Today I am grateful for this wisdom and for my ability to see it as such.

One of these messages is pasted below.  It’s another Note from the Universe.  I often have to remind myself of number 3 and that I always have a choice.  I create my own experiences.

The Top 10 things about time and space, Melanie, that most people seem to forget…
10. You chose to be here and you knew what you were doing.
9. There are no “tests” and you’re not being judged.
8. Everyone’s doing their best, with what they know.
7. You already have whatever you’re looking for.
6. You are of the Divine, pure God, and so is everyone else.
5. Religion needs spirituality; spirituality does not need religion.
4. You’re naturally inclined to succeed – at everything you do.
3. You happen to life, life does not happen to you.
2. Order, healing, and love belie every moment of chaos, pain, and fear.
1. Following your heart is the best way to help others.

The truth shall set you free,
The Universe

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®
© ®

And, Melanie… coffee, tea, and chocolate are proof enough that you’re adored from the unseen.

Check out Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe if you would like to receive your own personalized inspiration.

If you feel comfortable doing so use the comment box below and share which one resonates the most with you.  Or maybe reading this makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable?  Listen to your inner wisdom when these feelings occur, maybe you are ready to challenge some of your old thinking?

With thanks,

PS – Be sure to check back later this week as I will be featuring an inspiring young woman and how she harnesses presence and gratitude to achieve an incredible physical feat!  Better yet, if you haven’t already, subscribe using the box on the right!

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