Do you ever find yourself wishing for something miraculous to happen?  Do you wish for a change to occur in your life that will lead you to achieve the career of your dreams, to attract meaningful satisfying relationships, or to experience all of the abundance you can imagine?  What if I told you that wishing was not necessary, but rather you could create your own miracle life from wherever you are with everything you have right now?  Would you be interested?

Gabrielle Bernstein’s latest book, May Cause Miracles does exactly that.  Through a series of daily exercises Bernstein takes readers on a 40 day journey into the land of self-made miracles.  In a gentle, but active way, the reader is guided to face their ego-driven fears, to become aware of their thoughts and limiting beliefs, and to invite new supportive messages into each day.  Each week is dedicated to the unveiling of another layer of spiritual connection and understanding; including weeks dedicated to the self, learning your body’s true purpose, adopting a focus on love in all your relationships, and getting cozy with your self-worth to improve your net-worth.

What I loved the most about this book was the brevity and modern prose that Bernstein uses to pare down spiritual lessons that have their origin in the much more complex, A Course in Miracles, the text that guided Bernstein through her own spiritual awakening.  At the heart of these lessons are simple messages that repeat each week in a pattern of shifting awareness, willingness to change, choosing love over fear, practicing gratitude and forgiveness and finally taking a miracle focused perspective by expecting changes to occur.

Underlying these lessons is the concept of ‘subtle shifts’.  Gabrielle in no way promises a cataclysmic alteration to your life.  What she does claim, (and I can personally attest to), is that if you continue with these practices your life will subtly transform in miraculous ways.

“…a miracle is simply a shift in perception.  The moment we choose to let go of fear and choose love instead, a miracle occurs…Miracles are natural.  When they do not occur something has gone wrong.”

This book will help you listen to your inner guidance system so that you will know when your ego and your fears have taken over and you are stepping away from a miracle life.  You will also learn how to realign yourself with your true purpose and get yourself back on track when the ego steps in.

Gabrielle herself knows these patterns only too well.  On her website Bernstein proclaims herself ‘the happiest person she knows’, but life wasn’t always so joyful.   A former drug, food, romance, and work addict, Bernstein knows what it is like to live deep within her fear.  Using her personal experience to illustrate the concepts, Bernstein gives these lessons both credibility and a real-world perspective that honors modern day challenges and pressures.

mcm_cover_assetsBefore you make another New Year’s resolution that you have no intention of keeping, consider giving yourself the gift of miracles as you embark on 2013!  Having lived by the whims of my own ego for most of my life, I can tell you the weight and burden you feel right now will be lifted by committing to love, gratitude and getting to know your true self.

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Be Your Own Miracle: A Review Of The Book “May Cause Miracles”
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