May 3_15It seems the second stage of the nasty flu has missed me and I’m feeling much better today. So big girl panties went back on this morning and my day was very productive. I did lots of work on my website, some shopping, enjoyed a beautiful hike in the hills and my usual #Sunday food prep happened. Steel-cut oat pancakes with chia seeds and my favorite zucchini cashew nut soup were for me and home made mac and cheese for my little monkey’s!

Today reminded me of a saying that one of my very first running partners shared with me 14 years ago. At the time she had teenagers and they were giving her lots of grief. So to help hold herself together she wrote the following on her bathroom mirror with lipstick and read it out loud every time she was in there…

“And this too shall pass.”

Everything does. Life is fluid and in constant motion. Just when we feel like things may be unbearable; that we have reached our limit, it changes. #holdon


With love and gratitude,


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